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Chapter List

1. Introduction: Toward the Comparative Study of Urban Governance, by Richard Stren
2. Confronting Critical Disjunctures in the Governance of Cities, Patricia L. McCarney
3. Ethnographies of Governance: Urban Spaces and Actors in the Middle East, by Seteney Shami
4. Bellavista: Local Political Activism in Defense of a Barrio, by Lucy Winchester, Teresa Cáreres, and Alfredo Rodriguez
5. Democratic Governance and Participation: Tales of Two Cities, by Renato Raul Boschi
6. Fiscal Innovations and Urban Governance, Om Prakash Mathur
7. Rethinking the Enabling Strategy of Social Housing: State-Civil Society Dynamics in Southeast Asia
8. Reforming Governance in Dhaka, Bangladesh
9. "My Soul I Can See": The Limits of Governing African Cities in a Context of Globalization and Complexity, by Mark Swilling, AbdouMaliq Simone, and Firoz Khan
10. Governance and Municipal Management in Mexico and Colombia: Between Clientelist Practices and New Forms of Democratic Government, by Emilio Duhau and Martha Schteingart

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Woodrow Wilson Center Press publishes books by fellows, other resident scholars, and staff written in substantial part at the Wilson Center.