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Foreword, Blair A. Ruble and Nancy E. Popson Introduction: Women Navigating Change in Post-Soviet Currents, Kathleen Kuehnast and Carol Nechemias Part I. Gender and Nation Building 1. Strong Women, Weak State: Family Politics and Nation Building in Post-Soviet Ukraine 2. The Gender of Sovereignty: Constructing Statehood, Nation, and Gender Regimes in Post-Soviet Tatarstan, Katherine E. Graney 3. Engendering Citizenship in Postcommunist Uzbekistan, David Abramson 4. Conceptualizing Gender, Nation, and Class in Post-Soviet Belarus, Elena Gapova Part II. Women and Rural Household Economics 5. Feminizing the New Silk Road: Women Traders in Rural Kazakhstan, Cynthia Werner 6. The Gendered Nature of Viliui Sakha Post-Soviet Adaptation, Susan A. Crate Part III. Democratization in Post-Soviet Azarbaijan, Nayereh Tohidi 8. Women's Political Activism in Russia: The Case of Samara, Ludmila Popkova 9. Two Worlds Apart: The Lack of Integration between Women's Informal Networks and Nongovernmetal Organizations in Uzbekistan, Andrea Berg 10. Sisterhood versus the "Moral" Russian State: The Postcommunist Politics of Rape, Janet Elise Johnson Part IV. Assistance Encounters 11. Meeting the Challenge Together? Russian Grassroots Women's Organizations and the Shortcomings of Western Aid, Rebecca Kay 12. Working at the Local-Global Intersection: The Challenges Facing Women in Armenia's Nongovernmental Organization Sector, Armine Ishkanian 13. Gender and Democracy: Strategies of Engagement and Dialogue on Women's Issues after Socialism, Michele Rivkin-Fish 14. Strategizing Gender and Development: Action Reserach and Ethnographic Responsibility in the Russian Provinces, Julie Hemment Contributors Index

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