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"This is a lively, well-researched book with a forceful argument."—-James Gilbert, Journal of Economic History

"A comparative work such as this helps to undercut the historiography of ‘exceptionalism' that still plagues Russian studies."—-Louise McReynolds, American Historical Review

Chapter List

List of Illustrations
1. Introduction: Form Hegemony to Pragmatic Pluralism
Part I. Three Industrial Giants
2. Porkopolis
3. Russia's Calico Heart
4. Kitchen of the Country
Part II. Tales of Success and Excess
5. Transit Tussles
6. Educating Moscow's Workers
7. Prosperity's Harbor
Part III. Riots and Revolution
8. Charter Failure
9. The Worst-Housed City in Europe
10. Poverty and Riots
Part IV. Conclusion
11. Successful Pragmatic Pluralists: The Practice of Politics without Hegemony
12. The Practice of Pragmatic Pluralism: The City, Transitional Capitalism, andthe Meaning of Moscow

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