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“A studious and scholarly work from many historians and thinkers … The Cold War in East Asia, 1945–1991 is a fascinating and scholarly study of the era and its impact that will be felt for many years to come. Highly recommended.”—Midwest Book Review

“This edited volume provides a wealth of new information coming from fresh research in Japanese, American, East European, U.S., and Chinese archival and primary sources. This is an important contribution to the state of the field.”—Christopher Goscha, Associate Professor of History at University of Quebec at Montreal

“There is, clearly, a real need for a book of this sort and it will doubtless be welcomed by scholars in all of those fields, as well as international/diplomatic historians more broadly and area specialists and comparativists in Political Science.”—Robert McMahon, Professor of History at Ohio State University

Chapter List

A Note on Spelling, Transliteration, and Names

Introduction: East Asia—the Second Significant Front of the Cold War
Tsuyoshi Hasegawa

1. Struggles for Modernity: The Golden Years of the Sino-Soviet Alliance
Odd Arne Westad

2. The Second Front of the Soviet Cold War: Asia in the System of Moscow’s Foreign Policy Priorities, 1945–1956
Ilya V. Gaiduk

3. Reorienting the Cold War: The Implications of China’s Early Cold War Experience, Taking Korea as a Central Test Case
Chen Jian

4. Military Occupation and Empire Building in Cold War Asia: The United States and Korea, 1945–1955
Steven Hugh Lee

5. Kim Il Sung’s Balancing Act between Moscow and Beijing, 1956–1972
Nobuo Shimotomai

6. Chinese Foreign Policy, 1960–1979
Lorenz Lüthi

7. Japan’s Foreign Policy under Détente: Relations with China and the Soviet Union, 1971–1973
Kazuhiko Togo

8. A Strategic Quadrangle: The Superpowers and the Sino-Japanese Treaty of Peace and Friendship, 1977–1978
Tsuyoshi Hasegawa

9. Korea’s Great Divergence: North and South Korea between 1972 and 1987
Gregg Brazinsky

10. Gorbachev’s Policy toward East Asia, 1985–1991
Vladislav Zubok

11. Inertia and Change: Soviet Policy toward Korea,1985–1991
Sergey Radchenko

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