Lessons Learned? The U.S. Withdrawal from Iraq and What it May Mean for Afghanistan

November 05, 2013 // 12:00pm1:20pm
Event Co-sponsors: 
Middle East Program
Asia Program

Can the coming transition out of Afghanistan be informed by lessons from the U.S. military-diplomatic transition in Iraq?

This event will look at a newly released RAND study titled Ending the U.S. War in Iraq: The Final Transition, Operational Maneuver, and Disestablishment of the United States Forces–Iraq, which explores how our experience in the military exit and transition of responsibilities in Iraq might help to inform future U.S. transition planning in Afghanistan.

6th Floor, Woodrow Wilson Center
Event Speakers List: 
  • Expert on Middle Eastern political-military affairs, with particular emphasis on Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia
  • Tara McKelvey // Former Public Policy Scholar
    Feature Writer, BBC News
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