SAGE Business Plan: To Create an Independent Strategic Communication Organization for America

March 26, 2012 // 10:30am11:30am
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What foreign publics think matters more than ever, yet America is scrambling for ways to more effectively communicate with them. New technology provides tremendous low cost opportunities to engage with the rest of the world and communicate U.S. interests and values. Strengthening America’s Global Engagement (SAGE) will launch a business plan for an independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan organization to inform, engage and influence foreign audiences. The organization will focus on four countries with concerns about U.S. global leadership – Egypt, Pakistan, Turkey, and Russia – to foster engagement with a view to promoting shared values and common interests. During this event, a panel will discuss this new model, and best practices for direct U.S. engagement with foreign societies.

6th Floor, Woodrow Wilson Center
Event Speakers List: 
  • Former Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs
  • Brad Minnick // Former Project Director
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