Environmental Health Research Briefs

These topic briefs were all written as a part of the CEF's partnership with Western Kentucky University on the U.S. AID-supported China Environmental Health Project (CEHP), and can be found in HTML listed topically on our <a href= "http://www.wilsoncenter.org/index.cfm?topic_id=1421&fuseaction=topics.categoryview&categoryid=EE4F578C-D321-2150-ABD87895FEF607D8">Environmental Health page</a>.

Issues in this Series

Taihu: Green Wash or Green Clean?

Pei-yu "Catherine" Tai and Linden Ellis

Cars in China: Personal Vehicles Make Tracks

Linden Ellis, Kimberly Go, Debbie Y. Lee, and Monty McGee

Going Organic

Natalie Baer

Environmental and Health Threats from Cement Production in China

Jung-Myung Cho and Suzanne Giannini-Spohn

Water-borne Illness in China

Christine E. Boyle

Food Safety in China

Yang Yang and Jennifer L. Turner

Aquaculture and Environmental Health in China

Linden Ellis and Jennifer L. Turner

Aquaculture: Chinese Language Edition

Zhang Liwen, Zhou Yujing, and Fan Enyuan

Environmental Health and Indoor Air Pollution in China

H. Dean Hosgood, III
Pictures from Xuanwei, China courtesy of Dr. Qing Lan.

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