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Pakistan's Urbanization: Policy Brief Series

Pakistan is South Asia’s most rapidly urbanizing country. In barely 10 years, nearly 50 percent of its 180 million people will live in cities (a third do today). The series seeks to share with a wider audience the proceedings of a recent Wilson Center conference that explored Pakistan’s urbanization challenges.

Issues in this Series

Pakistan's Urbanization: Housing for the Low-Income

Tasneem Siddiqui
Tasneem Siddiqui, former chief secretary of the government of Sindh Province, looks at how Pakistan can provide affordable housing to its rapidly growing urban population.

Pakistan's Urbanization-Urban Transport Planning: Moving People and the Economy

Murtaza Haider
Murtaza Haider, an associate dean at Ryerson University in Toronto, examines how Pakistan can overcome its considerable urban transport challenges.

Pakistan's Urbanization: Achieving Progress, Growth, and Development Through Urban Renewal

Nadeem Ul Haque
Nadeem Ul Haque, a former deputy chairman of the Pakistani government’s Planning Commission, discusses what must be done to make Pakistan’s cities a better force for economic growth and development.

Pakistan's Urbanization: Enabling Entrepreneurial Innovations to Serve Pakistan's Urban Poor

Aun Rahman
Aun Rahman, the former Pakistan country director at Acumen Fund, a social venture capital firm, considers how private-sector-driven entrepreneurial approaches can be used to assist the urban poor.

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