CWIHP Bulletin 6/7

  •  "New Russian Documents on the Korean War introduction and translations" by Kathryn Weathersby
  • "China's Road to the Korean War" by Chen Jian
  • "Assessing the Politics of the Korean War, 1949-51" by Evgueni Bajanov
  • "The Shtykov Diaries" by Hyun-su Jeon with Gyoo Kahng
  • 'Stalin, Mao, Kim, and China's Decision to Enter the Korean War, Sept. 16-Oct. 15, 1950: New Evidence from the Russian Archives" article and translations by Alexandre Y. Mansourov
  • "An Exchange on Korean War Origins" with Bruce Cumings and Kathryn Weathersby
  • "Soviet Interrogation of U.S. POWs in the Korean War" by Laurence Jolidan


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