ECSP Report 1: Feature Articles

Geoffrey D. Dabelko, David D. Dabelko, Richard Matthew, Alex de Sherbinin, Eileen Claussen, and Marc Levy

The first-ever ECSP Report includes Geoff and David Dabelko's feature on redefining environmental security; Richard Matthew's commentary on demystifying the concept of environmental security; and Marc Levy's call for a third wave of environmental security scholarship.


  • Environmental Security: Issues of Conflict and Redefinition - Geoffrey D. Dabelko and David D. Dabelko
  • Environmental Security: Demystifying the Concept, Clarifying the Stakes - Richard A. Matthew
  • World Population Growth and U.S. National Security - Alex de Sherbinin
  • Environment and Security: The Challenges of Integration - Eileen Claussen
  • Time for a Third Wave of Environment and Security Scholarship? - Marc A. Levy
  • Official Statements and Documents


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