Selection Committee 2010


Paula Andalo Managing Editor, El Tiempo
Cindy Arnson Director, Latin American Program, Woodrow Wilson Center
Milton Coleman Senior Editor, The Washington Post
Karen DeYoung Senior Diplomatic Correspondent, The Washington Post
John Dinges Author and Associate Professor, School of Journalism, Colombia University
Dolia Estévez Senior Mexican Correspondent and Foreign Affairs Analyst
Mary Pat Flaherty Investigative Reporter, The Washington Post
James Grimaldi Investigative Reporter, The Washington Post
Carlos Lozada Outlook Section Editor, The Washington Post
Andrew Selee Director, Mexico Institute, Woodrow Wilson Center
Paulo Sotero Director, Brazil Institute, Woodrow Wilson Center
Kevin Sullivan Senior Foreign Correspondent, The Washington Post


Upcoming Events

Turkey, Iraq, and the Kurdistan Regional Government

August 25, 2014 // 2:00pm4:00pm

Mapping the Cost of Non-Europe

August 26, 2014 // 3:30pm5:00pm

From Free Europe to Free Poland: Free Europe Committee in the Cold War

September 05, 2014 // 9:00amSeptember 06, 2014 // 6:00pm