Video: Choke Point: China Part II

New Video from CEF partner Circle of Blue

Nov 29, 2012

Choke Point: China is a collection of on-the-ground reporting that uses text, photographs, and interactive graphics to illustrate the potentially devastating confrontation between economic growth and the demands for water and energy – a crisis that is already manifesting across the world’s most populous country and is certain to grow more urgent over the next decade as China continues to develop.

Since 2010, Circle of Blue has been partnering with the Wilson Center’s China Environment Forum on Choke Point: China as part of our broader Global Choke Point initiative. In an effort to go beyond our research and reporting, we are establishing a U.S.-China Water-Energy Team, a group of science, policy, and civil society experts who will foster dialogues and create a Water-Energy Roadmap to highlight policy and research priorities for China in addressing its pressing water-energy-food confrontations.

Please watch the below video made by our parter Circle of Blue outlining China's water, energy, and food challenges.

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