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Chapter List

Editor’s Preface
Martha Derthick

Introduction: City Life and Citizenship and Locality
James Q. Wilson

Public-spiritedness and the American Regime
Steven L. Elkin

Part I. Local Self-Government in American Political History
1. The Origins and Influence of Early American Local Self-Government
Pauline Maier
2. Localism, Political Parties, and Civic Virtue
Sidney M. Milkis
3. How Many Communities?: The Evolution of American Federalism
Martha Derthick
4. Local Practice in Transition: From Government to Governance
Kathryn Doherty and Clarence N. Stone

Part II. The Place of Locality in Current Policy Choice
5. The Ideo-logics of Urban Land Use Politics
Alan A. Altshuler
6. Local Government and Environmental Policy
Marc K. Landy
7. Local Self-Government in Education: Community vs. Citizenship
Gregory R. Weiher and Chris Cookson
8. Net Gains: The Voting Rights Act and Southern Local Government
Richard M. Vallely
9. The People’s Court?: Federal Judges and Criminal Justice
William D. Hagedorn and John J. DiIulio Jr.

Afterword: Federalism and Community
Philip Selznick

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