Nontraditional Immigrants in Kyiv

A report on the results of a 2001-2002 study conducted by the Kennan Institute's Kyiv Project. The study highlighted the demographic changes that have affected post-Soviet Ukraine as a whole and Kyiv in particular since the country became a destination for migrants from countries outside of the CIS. The report provides extensive sociological data on Kyiv's nontraditional immigrant communities.

Issues in this Series

"Netradytsiini" immihranty u Kyevi: sim rokiv potomu ["Nontraditional" Immigrants in Kyiv: Seven Years Later

Olena Malynovska, Yaroslav Pylynskyi, and Olena Braichevska
Edited by Olena Braichevska, Olena Malynovska, Yaroslav Pylynskyi.

"Netradytsiini" immihranty u Kyivi ["Nontraditional" Immigrants in Kyiv] (2003)

Olena Braichevska, Olena Malynovska, Yaroslav Pylynskyi, Nancy Popson, Blair A. Ruble, and Halyna Volosiuk
Study on "nontraditional" immigrants in Kyiv.

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