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A collection of past CEF research published by the Wilson Center.

Issues in this Series

Crouching Suspicious, Hidden Potential: United States Environmental and Energy Cooperation with China (2002)

Jennifer L. Turner
Authors Pamela Baldinger and Jennifer Turner discuss the United States' and China's impact on global energy consumption, and the potential for and benefits of bilateral cooperation.

Asia's Future: Critical Thinking for a Changing Environment

Dorothy C. Zbicz
One important conclusion to be drawn from this analysis is the urgent need for environmental sustainability—for sustainable use, sustainable consumption, sustainable development—in ways that do not enrich current generations at the expense of future ones.

Sowing the Seeds: Opportunities for U.S.-China Cooperation on Food Safety

Jennifer L. Turner and Linden J
Authors Linden J. Ellis and Jennifer L. Turner examine the challenges China faces in improving its food safety record and opportunities for international cooperation. Such cooperation benefits both the global food market and could help China address human health and environmental threats stemming from food production and processing.

Reaching Across the Water (2006)

Jennifer L. Turner
Authors Jennifer Turner and Kenji Otsuka examine international cooperation promoting sustainable river basin governance in China.

Potential for Fuel Cell Commercialization in Taiwan (2004)

A part of a U.S.-Taiwan Fuel Cell Initiative that the Woodrow Wilson Center's China Environment Forum and Breakthrough Technologies, Inc. carried out in the fall of 2004 with support from the blue moon fund.

Green NGO and Environmental Journalist Forum Report (2001)

Bilingual proceedings from a workshop held by the Wilson Center's ECSP China Environment Forum and Hong Kong University.

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