CES 8 Commentaries, pp. 130-152:

The Difference a Legislature Makes: Administering Market-Driven Air Pollution Control Regulations in Taiwan and China
By Eric Zusman

A New Model for Chinese Rural Development? Industrial Agriculture and Renewable Energy in Rural China
By Ben Greenhouse

Prospects for Developing Meaningful Public Participation in Environmental Decision-making in China
By Christine Chung

Spotlight on NGO Activism in China: Pingnan Green Wins Court Case Against Chemical Company
By Melanie Pitkin, Global Greengrants Fund

Agroforestry Systems in Northern China: Promoting Development and Environmental Improvement
By Dave Daversa

On the Way Towards Eco-Villages: Upgrading Energy Systems in Rural Hainan
By Lei Bi and Murray Haight

Spotlight on NGO Activism in China: Green Eyes: Taking Action to Halt Illegal Wildlife Trade
By Daniela Salaverry, Pacific Environment


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